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    Tradovest — Real reviews

    Attention! According to numerous appeals of victims, Tradovest is recognized as a fraud.

    If fraudsters from Tradovest deceive you, do not hesitate to write about it — infoscam.ru@mail.ru

    We will tell you how to legally punish a broker and get your money back!

    This article introduces Tradovest (CELTIC PAY LTD), located 1308, 43 Owston Road, Carcroft, Doncaster, United Kingdom, DN6 8DA (the company that owns the site https://www.tradovest.com).

    According to statistics 95% of brokers are swindlers. But without any evidence we cannot claim that this or that a broker is a swindler. We are waiting for your feedback on cooperation with this company. You can tell us the number from which they called you, how often they called, how they presented themselves and what they promised to you. How was the trade going. How you were deceived if this was the case.

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